Presenting: The Inspirational Interview Series

Dear Friends,

During my lifetime and my travels, I have often met many wonderful people that have inspired me, through their lives and their choices, to do and be better.

At first glance, they seemed simple, ordinary people, just like me and you. Nothing special about them. :) Spending time with and around them though, seeing their life values, their healthy choices and their work ethic, I have come to realize that these people were not so ordinary. They were, slowly and diligently, more or less quietly, carving their own reality for the better. Just like a small ripple, intensifying, in a quiet lake. Many times, they were oasis of calm, love and goodness for the rest of us. I am sure you have met these kind of people as well…people that are serene amidst storm, that show integrity in difficult situations, kindness when you least expect it, love and encouragement to everyone, especially when it is mostly needed. People that just somehow, have it all together.

Most of all, they reach out. They ask questions. They travel, they volunteer, they believe in something good and honest. They do not give up! They fight, but with the right armour (honesty, courage, diligence, patience, integrity…). They are often taking the extra plunge, courageously, to live an authentic life, to stretch their comfort zones and live outside the boundaries and expectations of the society, their families, but in a good and positive way.

Secondly, there are many, many more people out there that live their life simply, with true dignity, grace, following a strong chore of ethical values, living purposeful, meaningful lives. We need to know more about them!

We NEED to take a closer look at them and see in them the true  role-models (as an alternative to the majority of the celebrities, who seem caught in a cheating scandal one after another, who are more or less confused, disturbed, greedy and who, unfortunately, set the tone and the trend for our children and youths! ). Words are always so very easy to use, but actions will speak way louder and more accurately about someone’s character, personality and their life choices: are they healthy, are they positive, do they strive for compassion, authenticity, tolerance, grace and kindness? Are these people genuine?

These are some of the questions that have guided me in choosing the people that I will present to you in the Interview Series.

Thirdly, all of these people that I will present to you are people that I have met, observed, talked and worked with, therefore the reason why I have chosen them is because I have the knowledge, without a doubt, that their message is authentic and accurate.

Therefore, I have asked them some important questions about their lives, their choices and adventures, and they were, fortunately, very glad to share their wisdom and experiences with the rest of us.

What I hope is that you will find their stories inspirational, uplifting, hopeful, surprising but most of all, that they will help you decide to make your life’s story just as inspirational. I hope it will give you the courage to try and grasp the things that seem hard and unreachable, to question some of your assumptions about your reality or the reality that the media portrays and just ponder, with an open mind, about their adventures and experiences.

And, the very first person that I have in mind to start the series with is Miss Rebecca Lawn, freelance journalist, passionate advocate for women’s issues, lover of writing, traveling, and the sea! :)

So, stay tuned! ;)

The interview that we have put together for you will be published tomorrow and I am so very excited and happy to share it with you!

Lots of love in the meantime,


2 thoughts on “Presenting: The Inspirational Interview Series

  1. Oh! That’s an incredible idea!
    I’m already waiting to read the interviews and know that people. :-)


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