Austria – once more!

Hello dear friends,

How was your week? Mine was FULL but I still managed to daydream here and there and one of the moments I always go back to is my time in Austria! and because I loved it SO much, I even took a trip right before I departed for the States, last year in May.

When I was there the second time, strolling through its gardens, parks, cities and country roads, I was completely mesmerized with the smell of the air. I had forgotten how colorful and savory Austria can be, in the spring time. Honestly, I felt like I haven’t even left! Austria was, after all, my home for a year…

Everything was in bloom! The apricot trees – trademark of the Wachau area, the apple trees, the lilacs….and everything was green, green, green! Such a lustful green like you couldn’t believe!

Even to this day, I still find Austria one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

A country that exudes peace and harmony, with a balanced infrastructure that strives, through its political, governmental and local policies to respect and protect nature!

Just to give you some examples: bike lanes can be found EVERYWHERE and you can easily recycle anything, for free. The University Campus in which I lived, in Sankt Pölten, had 15 (!!!) trash containers, so that you can dispose of your left overs and recycle accordingly to their types: we had containers for all types of plastic, 3 for glass, 1 for aluminum, plastic bags, paper, and of course, for the biodegradable produce. A lot of the buildings have improvised gardens on their rooftops and the windmills are everywhere!

IMG_5549More green and two windmills!

IMG_5709Do you notice the beautiful colors of the crops, in the field? :)

It is also a country that is peaceful and charming (there is not even one nuclear plant!), and a country that strives hard to preserve the traditions and rituals of old times.

While I was there, I was very fortunate to indulge in some home-made, organic, Austrian goodies! :) Food fairs are normal in Austria: local farmers gather in the middle of the biggest square, literally in the middle of the town, twice/week, and offer their food creations: bread, sausages, gems, all home-made and created from local produce. The best thing of all? the price is close to the one you find in supermarkets, for mass production food, making it easy and not so expensive to live off organic and local produce which I find absolutely amazing! Here are some photos:





Austria is a very Catholic country! But I think that just adds to its charm. And well, having a lot of days off throughout the year to celebrate ALL the saints doesn’t hurt either! ;)

IMG_5585The main tower of the oldest church, looking over the city…

Do you see the solar panels on top of the roofs? they are almost everywhere, in Austria :)

Biking has never been more pleasurable for me, than here. Everyone is doing it and it makes you feel so safe!

Any time of the day, you will see entire families on bikes, teenagers going to school, even people in business suits, riding to work. You can also hire a bike for the day, for only 5 euros.

It is also the country who gave birth to some amazing thinkers and psychologists that will shape our views and understanding of our mental activity and health forever! I am talking, obviously, about Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Viktor Frankl, Melanie Klein, and many others…

To me, Austria will always resonate with peace, serenity, nature, green, bikes, love and simplicity! :)


The city’s welcoming sign and its motto: ” Herzogenburg: A city with Life Quality”.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! They are mostly from Herzogenburg, Lower Austria, an old Medieval city, close to Sankt Pölten and Vienna, a city that I did not manage to visit last time I was there.

Love and lots more,


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