Strawberry picking in Virginia

Right at the end of the strawberry picking season, we managed to hand pick some strawberries! 18 pounds to be precise! :) and after collecting them, making a strawberry fluff, a strawberry cake, some strawberry syrup, smoothies every morning and strawberry jam was just the natural next step. They are so savory and delicious, and SO different, from the ones that you find in the supermarkets that if you ever get the chance to pick fruits (any kind) from local farms nearby, DO IT! you will notice the big difference in taste, smell and sometimes even in consistency, from the produce you find in the supermarkets.

Back home in Romania, farmers’ markets are easily within reach and the prices for the veggies and fruits are lower than for the ones in the supermarkets so we are used to eating fresh seasonal produce all the time. And it tastes so good! In the States however, the produce that lies on the racks of most  supermarkets is truly tasteless. It tastes good if you haven’t tried the reall stuff but if you did, it is very hard to like them. No wonder that people here prefer fast food and pre-made stuff. It is tastier for sure, but less healthier and overall, a bad bargain to make I believe.

So, here are some photos from our strawberry picking adventure with some tips on how to do it that will hopefully entice you to go pick some next time you get the chance. By the way, wild strawberries are good too, so you shouldn’t stay away from them next time you go hicking/walking in the woods. Or any other type of berry for that matter! :) A good article on where and how to find them in North America here.

The farm in VA were we picked them. You can find directions and more about this farm here!

Their prices….The instructions on how to do it.

The hands on instructions on how to do it for us, non-country people. :)

Getting ready to pick some! :)

This is how juicy and ripe they were!

One in the mouth, one in the basket! :)

Other happy and dilligent pickers…

Two FULL baskets! man, we were unstoppable!

Did you guys did any fruit-picking this spring or do you intend to this summer and fall? :)


9 thoughts on “Strawberry picking in Virginia

  1. Ahh, yes. Freshly-picked…nothing like ’em. We have picked blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, apples. We also buy from the local farmers market — corn, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and fried fruit pies! Thanks for bringing up the fond memories of picking fruit on my mother’s family farm, too. Happy eating!!!

  2. Absolutely. In fact, I have a bag of blackberries thawing in the refrigerator right now that my wife was unable to make into a cobbler last year because we had too much freshly-picked fruit in the house to eat at one time. Thank goodness for freezers!

  3. Hahahahah! that’s exactly what we did! we threw a lot of the strawberries in the freezer – thank God for that!

  4. I can taste them from the pictures!!!
    By the way, the next time someone stop me walking in the farms and picking fruits, I will tell them: don’t look at me, my friend Roxi told me to do it! :-D

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