Applewood Inn, Virginia: a Honeymoon Getaway

2 weeks ago, right after we got married, Matt and I took a little honeymoon trip and stayed in a bed and breakfast near Lexington, Virginia. We could not have chosen a better place! After many hectic and busy days, we finally took the time to relax, surrounded by peace and nature.

Applewood Inn is privately owned and operated by Linda and Chris Best with lots of love, care, healthy foods and good conversation! We stayed in the European room, a very cozy and beautiful room which includes private access to the hot tub. The pool kept us cool and refreshed while the llamas…well, they are to be walked some other time! :)

Here are some photos from our little getaway, things and friends we met around the inn! :)

A baby wild strawberry :)

Linda’s colorful collection of glasses.

Can you see the llamas? :)

You can find more about the inn here.

7 thoughts on “Applewood Inn, Virginia: a Honeymoon Getaway

  1. What a beautiful place!! I’m sure the llamas will be waiting for you both until the next time.
    A very important question: have you tried the baby wild strawberry???? :-)


  2. Thank you Gabby! we really did have a wonderful time! I was surprised myself, the llamas seemed very peaceful and calm creatures, but we missed the opportunity to walk them though…


  3. Beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing them! :) The inn looks to be just wonderful and a lovely honeymoon spot, congratulations to you on your marriage! :) I love those llamas, we have a llama farm only a couple miles away and they are just awesome! :)


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