Bored in quarantine? start tracking and saving your passwords + a free printable password list

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single person in possession of multiple passwords, must be in need of a tracking system for saving and storing them! ;)

I know, I know, restrictions are slowly being lifted and hopefully we will all be able to see the light of day more often than 1/2 per week and even kiss someone on the cheek!

In the meantime, however, you have probably watched a ton of shows, baked to your heart’s content AND even started a vegetable garden! (overachiever! :p ) so why not start tracking, every day, all the websites you visit that require a username and password to login?

Yes, I know how daunting this can be, that’s why I suggest you do it organically. Download the free printable password list that I created just for this purpose and each time you visit a website that requires logging in, add it to the list.

Do this for the next couple of weeks, or as long as it takes to have them all down. Then,  if you so wish, you can save it digitally and encrypt it. Here is an article that teaches you how.

And while you’re at it, you could also change the old passwords for new ones. Here is a strong password generator although, to be on the super safe side, I suggest you slightly change some elements/symbols in the ones generated for you.

Saving the passwords on paper is definitely an old-school method but with the ever increasing number of security breaches companies and social media sites have been facing recently, it is a good place to start. Keep it safe, of course, but within reach so that you have it handy.

This article on Lifehack has many other ways in which to track all your passwords but I am a simple kinda gal (and wary of hackers) so I will stick to my pen and paper list.

Download my free, printable password list here.

Much love,


P.S: If the first paragraph sounds familiar, that’s because it is! Jane Austen wrote it at the beginning of her novel, Pride and Prejudice, and well, I have shamelessly adapted it to suit my post (shhh! don’t tell her!)

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