My favorite Christmas Concerts to watch to get in the Christmas Spirit

Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to jump on here real quick and offer you some suggestions of Christmas Concerts to watch if you are in the mood for some holiday music.

In the last few years and leading up to Christmas, I’ve enjoyed finding and listening to some holiday-themed concerts. I’ve found that there are few things quite like a soulful, spirited Christmas concert to get you in that cheery mood. I’ve also made it a yearly tradition to go to at least one local Christmas concert in my area, either at a church or a local theatre – giving me a reason to dress up all festive and leave the house in spite of the cold and gray outside.

Christmas concerts are generally joyful and hopeful affairs and I, at least, find myself sorely needing some cheering this time of year with all the doom and gloom of the winter reaching its peak, as well as the New Year looming on the horizon with its inevitable new goals, challenges and reflective mode, not always energizing.

Good news is that all of these concerts are free to enjoy on YouTube from the comfort of your home/couch, provided they are not restricted in your home country and all of them, except one, are full concerts.

If you have your favorites, please share them down below! I am constantly looking for new ones to watch this time of year.

Here we go!

Guys, I had to start with Christmas in Vienna!

This is for my wonderful year spent in Austria, for the Christmas market at Stephansplatz that I visited on a very cold but sunny day with my mentor/friend and a good friend that year, for saying “Gruss Gott!”, for spiced mulled wine and well, for Austria being one of the most beautiful countries in the whole wide world! that, coincidentally, also has some impressive mountains and snowy vistas to show for as well.

This is last year’s (2018) annual Advent concert, “Christmas in Vienna”, held at Vienna’s Konzerthaus. The musical program ranges from classical and popular music to traditional Christmas carols from all over the world. In addition to the Vienna Singing Academy, the Vienna Boys’ Choir performs as well.

And I love that we see glimpses of Vienna’s most majestic places and buildings! what a treat!



We are going to Ireland next!

I’ve only recently discovered the Celtic Woman (as in last year) but oh, man! these ladies sing like angels down from up above and even though some of its performers have changed over the years (they have been around since 2005) the lineup stayed the same as well as their signature sound. They are proudly incorporating Ireland’s rich and multifaceted heritage in their music whilst showcasing each member’s genuine artistry and virtuosity.

They are currently on a world tour so some of you may be able to catch them live. They have certainly made my bucket list!

Now, I could not find the full concert I watched last year, “Live at The Helix in Dublin” from 2013, BUT most of the songs from that concert, separately recorded, are put together in a list on YT and I’ve included the first one down below.

Give them a try!



From Ireland, we are jumping to Scotland. 

To Rod Stewart’s “Christmas Live at Stirling Castle” (2012).

I have been a fan of Rod Stewart’s music and songs since high school. I also visited Stirling Castle in 2016, part of our Ireland and Scotland trip, so I was so happy to discover this concert 2 years ago. I felt that I got to be back at Stirling and to see it during the most festive time of the year.

Performances by Kylie Minogue, Michael Bublé and Nicola Benedetti are included and I found the concert to be very easy listening, with songs recognizable by almost anyone.

Tell me how you like it!


The following concert is the oldest in our repertoire but so close to my heart!

We have the Three Tenors in Vienna performing their Christmas Concert at the end of a previous decade, in 1999

I grew up listening to the Three Tenors on the radio, and my parents were very fond of their music as well. They were a popular operatic singing group in the 90’s consisting of Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and José Carreras. 

Since then, Luciano Pavarotti is sadly no longer with us and José Carreras announced his official retirement two years ago.

It was with much nostalgia and longing that I listened to this concert….the Tenors were considered something magical and wonderful growing up, their voices booming loudly and proudly in our homes. It’s to them that I owe the first glimpse into this musical genre and the appreciation I came to have for classical music.

I hope you like it as much as I do!


What we have next is nothing short of a masterpiece!

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which is comprised solely of volunteers that diligently devote their time and talents to bring a Christmas concert to life each year, put on a Christmas show like no other! There are up to 600 people on the stage, part of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, Orchestra at Temple Square, and Bells on Temple Square, plus different guests each year.

“Awe-inspiring, magnificent and out of this world” are some adjectives that I would use to describe their Christmas concerts, that are, in truth, full on shows filled with varied music that spans multiple genres, dancing and storytelling.

What we have below is their “Blessings of Christmas” concert from 2017:


Is it even Christmas without a Michael Bublé Christmas concert?

His holiday concerts are so easy to listen to and so enjoyable that frankly, I had a hard time choosing my favorite so from the options available on the Tube, I selected these two. There. So you can decide for yourself.

Michael Bublé’s “Home for the Holidays” from 2012

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration, that you feel warm, safe and loved, and that you will take one moment, just one moment, for yourself in the midst of chaos, to breathe and remind yourself that you are whole and enough, that you have everything that you need and that all things are possible!

Merry Christmas and much love to you all!


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