2011, New Year’s Thoughts

A new year… the promise of new beginnings. So many new things to change/do/accomplish! And doesn’t that just make you feel all giddy and joyous inside? Like you just can reinvent yourself truly this time, make the trip around  the sun really worth the while and during the process, become more and more like… yourself, maybe?

I am such a sucker for joyous beginnings and happy endings, hugs, frosty mornings, books and chocolate. All in one and all together if possible. Shared with good friends and loved ones.

Morning frost and a frozen leaf. In Gherla, Cluj County, Romania. 2010

 In 2010 I moved to a new country, Austria, and to a new home, in Sankt Polten. To a new job, in a castle, to learn about the teaching methods of Maria Montessori. I learned to live simply and pack my life in just 2 luggages and be fine with that. (Okay. 3, huge, and excruciatingly heavy).

I fell in love, again, and stayed in love. I traveled to unexpected places realizing afterwards that I always dreamed about them even though I never knew they were there. I felt lonely at times, just like a single Parisian dove on a rooftop. But I never lost hope and bounced back stronger, and hopefully, a bit more wiser.

View from Notre-Dame, Paris. 2010

In Place des Voges, Paris. 2010

I hold tight, then I let go. I got excited and I got frantic. I moved on and took the chance, just to meet even more wonderful people along the way and unexpected blessings. Then, I came to realize: (My) Life is Wonderful and Amazing just as it is!

Photos from the beautiful Istria region of Croatia. 2010

When this year ends, I will have 130+ people (students, teachers, friends) to love and keep in my mind and heart forever. And many more adventures and challenges to meet along the way.

I feel incredibly blessed and grateful!

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